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Strategy to prepare for Examination

Go through the syllabus and analyse the exam pattern in detail

While preparing for any Competitive Exam, it is really necessary to know the exam syllabus in detail. You must be completely aware about the exam syllabus in order to proceed further with your preparation

Consistency is the key

The road to success demands consistency to be maintained throughout the preparation journey. Being consistent makes you confident enough about your preparation and also the zeal to work harder and improve yourself in the lacking areas

Making and following a time-table helps

Bounding yourself within time constraints through a time-table helps you to be focussed about all the subjects. Many times, the aspirants invest all of their time into a subject and do not consider looking for the other subjects. This can be okay for some days, but if the scenario continues then eventually they’ll find themselves with less time left for preparing for other subjects. This might be an obstacle in a candidate's success. To prevent this, one can prefer making and following a properly designed time-table for their study schedule

Follow a Healthy lifestyle

Keeping yourself energised while preparing for any competitive examination is a must to-do thing in the journey. Have healthy food, get proper sleep(6-8 hours) and give time to some physical exercise(be it yoga, walking, swimming, etc)

Do not compromise your mental health

While preparing for any examination, there is a high probability of facing the phases of demotivation and peer-pressure which directly affects your mental health but you need to keep yourself positive and motivated enough to fight against such adverse stages

Practise Mock Tests

When you feel that you’re ready with the preparation of all the subjects, then comes the turn of practising mock tests. Solving Mock Papers gives you a clear vision about your performance analysis and helps you in identifying loopholes in your preparation for the actual examinations

Handwritten Notes gives better understanding

Do not completely rely on virtual notes and tutorials. Do invest time in preparing hand written notes as it is an excellent way to learn the concepts quickly. When you write it on your own, then you grasp the concepts better. So, consider making handwritten notes for your exam preparation

Avoid distractions

Make sure that you’re free from any distractions in the surroundings while you’re studying. Your phone should either be kept away from you or should be kept on silent with all the notifications off. Do sit ideally in a silent room while studying for better concentration. In the preparation journey, it is advisory to either completely avoid social media or minimise its use as much as possible