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CA Foundation and CA Inter Exams to be held three times a year

On the occasion of the All India Managing Committee Members Meet (AIMCMM 2024), the INSTITUTE OF CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS OF INDIA(ICAI)  has made an official announcement regarding the number of attempts offered for the CA Foundation and CA Inter Exams which has left the audience astonished for once. According to the altered guidelines introduced by the ICAI regarding the change in the number of attempts for the CA Foundation and CA Inter Exams, the Exams will be conducted three times a year instead of the earlier scenario which offered two attempts to a candidate per year.

Traditional Curriculum vs. the Revised Curriculum

Earlier, when the biannual format was followed, the exams were conducted in two sessions, May-June and November-December. As per the new guidelines, the CA Foundation and CA Inter Exams will be conducted thrice a year that is in the months of January, May/June, and September.

As per the new guidelines, the CA aspirants can appear for the CA Foundation and CA Inter Exams to be held in the gap of 4 months and to be scheduled in the months of January, May/June, and December instead of the previously followed scenario of having biannual conduct of exams.

However, no change has been announced in the number of attempts for CA Final exams.

Reason for increasing the number of attempts for CA Exams

The ICAI President CA. Ranjeet Kumar Agarwal declared the reason for the supplement attempt for the CA Exams in the All India Managing Committee Members Meet (AIMCMM 2024). He said that, As per the traditional curriculum of CA exams, the Articleship training could not be started without clearing both the CA Inter exams. With the revised curriculum, the candidates can have uninterrupted Articleship training without any examinations scheduled during the training period. This would leave the candidates stress-free during their training period. Hence the CA Foundation and Inter exams are going to be held thrice with a gap of 4 months every year.



Official Announcement

Mr. Dhiraj Khandelwal, the ICAI Central Council Member(CCM) officially announced the change in the guidelines on his Social Media Account and also expressed his strong agreement with the decision of ICAI.

The traditional format has been revised and changed for the betterment of the aspirants, according to the reviews in the form of comments on the official announcement of Mr. Dhiraj Khandelwal.

The announcement has been framed as follows:

Welcoming move by the ICAI to bring a beneficial change in favour of the CA student fraternity by introducing CA examinations thrice a year for CA Foundation and CA Inter level. Further Updates shall be clarified by the ICAI soon. #icai”  


The conclusion of the announcement post says that the detailed guidelines will be released soon by the ICAI.

The updated guidelines will come into practice after the conclusion of the May exams.

A Boon or a Challenge? 

Many aspirants and guardians might be bewildered by the change. Hence, analyzing the prospects and consequences is necessary for all aspiring candidates for CA Exams.

  • Benefits of the Updated Pattern to the Applicants:
  1. The reviews say that an increased number of attempts leads to greater opportunities and chances of cracking the exam.
  2. With the supplement attempt every year, applicants shall expect better results in the CA exams.
  3. The flexibility and the opportunity to succeed have been raised now for all the aspirants who are planning to appear for CA Exams in the future.
  • Challenges of the Updated Pattern to the Applicants:
  1. Tight study schedules to be managed and followed without distraction.
  2. Increased attempts also bring raised competition among candidates.
  3. With frequent exams, candidates might face difficulties in time management for revisions and mock tests.


Preparation and study tips

  1. Time Management: Candidates should not be relaxed with the opportunity, they should instead follow proper schedules for studying and succeeding in exams.

  2. Regular Mock Tests: Mock tests are really helpful for analyzing the level of your preparation. So, do fetch time for solving mock papers.
  3. Stay Encouraged and Motivated: Your mental and physical health has a major role to play in your journey. So, self-motivation is a crucial part of your preparation.

With the change in the curriculum, opportunities have been raised and aspirants have the chance of success. The reviews have been sound and supportive. The results shall be reviewed and analyzed when the new curriculum comes into play after the current session concludes.