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  • Mock Tests - Bhagya Achievers
    Fast evaluation with instant feedback

    Feedback for subjective Test Series from subject experts along with instant results for objective competitive exams.

  • Competitve Exams - Bhagya Achievers
    Goal oriented test approaches

    Our test approaches are highly goal-oriented helping students to stay focused and motivated.

  • Mock Test Series - Bhagya Achievers
    Preparation through a wide range of test series

    We help students prepare through various test series which bears high accuracy with original exam papers.

  • Bhagya Achievers Counselling Calls
    Further assistance through counselling call program

    Our counselling call programs helps you to get relief from mental stress and give you proper expert guidance.

Bhagya Achievers Bhagya Achievers
Bhagya Achievers Bhagya Achievers
Bhagya Achievers Competitive Exams


Practice makes you perfect

Mock tests helps you become perfect and goal-oriented, more mock test you take more perfect you become.

Time management

Completing syllabus before time is a great challenge for aspirants, mock tests can help you finish exam within time.

Understanding the full syllabus

Many aspirants are not familiar with the full syllabus; mock tests can help you get a better idea of what is important for final exam.

Exam pattern

Mock tests provides a better idea of the exam pattern. Also, it acts as an extra revision to your preparation.




Expert Counsellor


Test Series


Positive Results

Unlock every secret with our counselling-call program

Bhagya Achievers Competitive Exams

Career Guidance

Our mentors will help you in exploring and clarifying your aspirations for your careerby asking many questions and guiding the most appropriate career choice as peryour personality, strengths and interest areas.

All-Round Counselling

We have a comprehensive approach towards counselling students in all areas of life. From emotional support, and mental health to personal development and relationship support; we cater for all kinds of counselling needs at Bhagya Achievers.

Connect with Favourite Mentor

You can request to have a conversation with expert mentor. You can enter your choice in the dashboard while placing the order for the call with us. We will consider it and will fix the call as per his/her availability.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The best time to take test series is when you feel you have gained a good idea about syllabus and while you have already revised the whole syllabus.

Yes, detailed feedback is provided to every student from where you can get a better idea of your areas of improvement. If it doesn’t work for you we also have counseling call programs where our mentors provide you any kind of support that you may require while preparing for any exams.

When you are lost on how to begin your journey, how to schedule your studies, which books buy, how to increase your score, and which exam is best for you to take, we can answer all of your questions here. Our academic specialists will provide you with more than just answers; they will also provide you with in-depth, actionable assistance.

Yes you can take the test by your smart phone. Simply login from your smart phone device and start giving your test.

Our counseling call program helps to solve any doubts or queries of aspirants a well as provide emotional support, helps overcome fear of retaking exams, builds confidence, shares tips and tricks for better preparation and many more.

  • Bhagya Achievers Competitive Exams  You have to buy a call (through online payment mode).
  • Bhagya Achievers Competitive Exams  Login to your dashboard.
  • Bhagya Achievers Competitive Exams  Choose the agenda of the call from the given drop-down list.
  • Bhagya Achievers Competitive Exams  Add a description of the challenges faced.
  • Bhagya Achievers Competitive Exams  Select a time slot.
  • Bhagya Achievers Competitive Exams  Call estimation time will be given to you.
  • Bhagya Achievers Competitive Exams  You can discuss your challenges with our mentors without hesitation.