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Why mentorship is needed in CA Exams May 24 preparation?

Bhagya Achievers has introduced CA Mentoring Programme

CA or Chartered Accountant being one of the most prestigious profession is also a long and challenging one. Students manages very hard throughout the journey to stay motivated and goal-oriented. Being one of the hardest exams, the pass percentage for CA exams is usually less than 10% which is another reason of demotivation for the students. The pressure to pass CA exam can result in depression, anxiety, and stress within the students. Apart from the fierce academic pressure CA students can also face challenges in time management. Here at Bhagya Achievers we provide student with overall guidance and support upon how to deal with all these negativities while taking preparation CA exams.

How hard is CA?

However, the entrance exam of CA generally known as CA foundation, is divided into four subjects. The entrance of CA is easy compared to entrances of engineering or medical but the real challenge lies in the journey of completing all the three tiers. First challenge is CA Intermediate, after clearing the entrance exam students have to appear for this test. The syllabus for CA Intermediate is divided in to 8 subjects and 2 groups. The pass percentage of this test is usually 10% from the 30% who have cleared entrance. Next comes the 3 years of Articleship Training and here students are introduced to the practical world. And lastly comes the biggest challenge, CA Final. After spending 3 years of training the final of CA test the ultimate skills and knowledge that has been gathered by the students throughout the course. The pass percentage of this test is only 8-10% and 80% of the passed students have to pass it through three or more attempts.

Most common challenges faced by students

The main reason behind students trying to pass the exam in several attempts is not because they do not work hard rather they do not study objectively. Moreover, 3 years of artilceship is enough to deviate students from the concentration and focus. Mental well-being is also an issue here. Students can get really frustrated and the little pass percentage can give rise to stress and anxiety within the students. To counter all these issues the Bhagya Achievers have come up withamazing solution of providing assistance and guidance to students through professional counselling.  Further, ICAI have changed the syllabus so many aspirants who are retaking the test might not be able to get a good grasp over the new syllabus for which our student counselling program may be beneficial. Students also faces hardships in understanding the ICAI guidelines which is also taken care of through our counselling programs. Many students also faces problems with choosing the right books which can also be discussed through our student counselling programs

As per our experts some of the most common challenges students faces during CA course are efficient time management, mental anxiety, fear of retaking exams, improper or misleading guidance for which our students counselling program will provide students with exclusive counselling and assistance on how to efficiently use time management skills, syllabus discussion, ICAI guidelines, book recommendation and guidance on what to do and what not do while completing the syllabus, discuss on the fear of the exam and retaking, providing mental support and guidance and many more

Bhagya Achievers student counselling program focuses a lot on the mental health and well-being of the students. We understand the mental condition of the students throughout the five years. It can be very demotivating that despite how hard you work for it is very difficult to clear the final on first or even in second attempt. This might also lead to the growth of fear for exam and on the other hand if a student decide to leave it in between their whole professional career might get shattered 

because in the time when they need to train themselves to start a career in particular fiend they were engaged with CA. Many students on the other hand takes too much stress and result in welcoming a lifelong anxiety. However, these factors might also result in affecting cognitive behavior of students and can also affect their personality. Keeping all of these in mind Bhagya Achievers have designed and curated their Mentoring programs with professionals’ expertise on mental well-being as well as subject matter.



As already discussed many challenges that students and aspirants of CA faces and how our student counselling program manages to mitigate the problems, there is also an important information for the students, our student counselling program can be used by the students with only Rs. 500 to buy a call. Student can further book a slot for Rs 500 and choose the point of discussion and then can talk to our mentors who could easily provide guidance and support to solve problems of students.