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How to clear CA final exam in first attempt

Even though studying for the CA Final exam can be challenging, it is definitely achievable. Many students face difficulty in CA final exam as the preparation of this student has to be done while doing articleship training.

In this article we will provide you some tips and tricks which help you to clear CA Final exam in first attempt.



  • Is it easy to clear CA final exam in first attempt:

Yes, it is easy to the CA final exam by following strategies:

  • Divide the syllabus: Divide the syllabus into three sections A, B, and C.
  • A analysis: In this section only 30% of volume covers the CA Final course and marks weightage is 50%. This part should be strong and require more revisions.
  • B analysis: only 40% of volume covers in this section and 35% of weight. This section needs moderate study.
  • C analysis: This section contains 40% of volume of the course and has 15% weightage of marks. This section needs only simple reading.
  • Revision at least three times: try to complete your syllabus as fast as possible so that you can give enough time to the revision. Because revision is very necessary as it increases your recall power.
  • Make notes: try to make notes along with preparation which helps you to enhance your memory. When it comes to review, your notes can help you recall the information.
  • Practice mock test papers: Practice mock test papers is very necessary as it helps to identify your strengths and weaknesses. You can learn how to manage time by giving mock test papers under time limits.  
  • Clear all the concepts: In CA final exam has application based questions. In this you have to analyze a situation, Identify the relevant concepts, and apply them to reach a solution. Strong conceptual clarity helps you to think critically and solve problems effectively.


  • Why is it hard to clear CA final exam?

    • Vast syllabus: The CA Final Course covers a vast amount of syllabus in which there are complex subjects like financial reporting, direct tax, indirect and audit. To prepare all these subjects requires time, dedication and strategies.
    • Application of knowledge: the CA final course emphasizes not only on theory based knowledge but also on the practical application of concepts. In this, students need to understand the real world implications of accounting, taxation and audit.
    • High Competition level: The CA profession attracts many students due to this the level of competition is high where students are competing not just for rank but also for securing passing marks. For such reasons they feel pressure, stress and face difficulty to clear the CA Final exam.
    • Study with Articleship: Students are required to undergo a practical training period called articleship. Articleship plays an essential role in every CA Student life. Managing articleship work with exam preparation can be difficult as both require time because of this, students feel difficult to concentrate on studying for final exams.
    • Lack of confidence: Students lose confidence because of many reasons as CA Final exam is not only tough but it is challenging to clear. To clear the exam in the first attempt requires a confident attitude. The lack of confidence becomes a hurdle and stops students from passing the exam.


  • Top seven rank holders strategies to clear CA Final Exam:

    • Practice with ICAI study material and solve past year exam papers.
    • Cover the entire syllabus for both group 1 and group 2. Don’t skip any subject or topic.
    • Believing in yourself  is the key to success.
    • Getting enough sleep is necessary as it helps to manage the stress throughout the preparation journey.
    • Avoid social media as it wastes a lot of student’s time.
    • Stay calm so that you can focus more on your studies. Also it helps you to stay motivated throughout your studies.
    • Consistency is the key to success. There should be no time gap between your studies.


  • How do Bhagya achievers help to clear CA Final Exam in First attempt?

Bhagya Achievers ensures that students obtain feedback as quickly as possible with the fastest test series evaluation method available. Our efficient evaluation process gives students timely feedback so they may pinpoint their areas of strength and weakness and modify their study plans as needed. This rapid pace of reaction increases the extent to which our test series assist students in their exam preparation.

Individual Chapter wise Test Series by Bhagya Achievers is a specialized online CA Test Series that will help you learn each chapter with accuracy and confidence. This unique test series is designed to give you a thorough idea of every topic and help you prepare well for your exams. By tracking your progress chapter by chapter, you can set specific goals, measure your improvement, and optimize your study plan accordingly.  Here, you can take 1 chapter wise test for each subject and 1 full-course test (MCQ questions included).



1. How many students pass CA Final Exam in their first attempt?

In CA final November 2023, The percentage of the students who passed both the groups is 9.42%.

2.   How many hours to study for CA final?

Students need to study at least 13-14 hours a day for the CA Final exam.

3.   What are some common mistakes a student should avoid during the CA Final exam?

Attending you tube classes as they are time consuming, ignoring ICAI study material, using social media are the common mistakes that a student should avoid.

4.   Is it possible to clear CA Final without coaching?

Of course you can clear CA Final without coaching with self-study and practicing ICAI study material along with ICAI free online classes.

5.   Is Articleship compulsory for CA Final Exam?

Yes, it is a necessary requirement to complete this training without completing this you are not eligible to appear for the CA final Exam.


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