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How to get AIR in CA Final

Many students have a dream of getting AIR in the CA Final because it gives them an advantage in future placements, and most significantly, it gives them the satisfaction of being extraordinary and finishing the CA journey on a high note. At the same time, many students believe that achieving a goal in the CA Final is impossible.

If you want to get a rank, then you must have a burning desire to get it at any cost. You must put in all the hard work that is necessary because scoring a rank in CA Final exam is not easy but with dedication, hard work and smart work, your chances of getting a rank will increase.


“If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are Determined to Learn, no one can stop you”

In this article we will give you some preparation tips which help you to get a Rank in CA final Exam.

  • Criteria to get rank in CA Final Exam:

  • It is crucial to pass both groups in a single attempt.
  • You should not have used any exemption in any of the papers.
  • Try to get at least 55% marks in total.
  • How many Ranks are there in CA Final?

ICAI toppers list for each course level are released along with the CA result. The ICAI announces the names and scores of AIR 1, 2, and 3 for the CA Foundation, CA Intermediate and Final Exams. It is important to note that ICAI declares ranks only for the top 50 scorers.

  • How to get air 1 in CA Final

Nowadays thousands of CA aspirants are appearing for the exams and achieving their goals to get rank in finals. Let’s discuss the key points which will help you to secure a rank in the CA Final Examination.

  • Know the syllabus and exam pattern: It helps you to save your time on studying irrelevant material if you know the syllabus. Also, the exam pattern helps you to know the question format, marking scheme, and so on. 
  • Make proper notes: As we know that the syllabus of CA Final is very vast, so no one can cover the entire syllabus in one day. Try to make proper notes in which all subjects and topics are covered. Also, if there will be any updates in amendments then change in notes.
  • Subject order: To avoid messing up practice theory and practical questions alternatively. And try to complete one subject at a time and then jump on to the next subject. This strategy will help you to give better clarity on the subject and will also help to estimate the time which is required to complete the subject.
  • Practice ICAI study material: Practice study material that is provided by the ICAI because many top rankers reveal that they always stick to the Institute’s material because many questions in the exams come directly from the Institute’s material and are of the same pattern. 
  • Multiple revisions: The syllabus of the CA Final course is vast, so it is impossible to learn without multiple revisions. Rank holders say that after completing daily study, revise daily whatever you learn. They also suggest that students should stick to specific notes rather than referring to different sources because it can lead to confusion.
  • Practice mock test and past year papers: Solve past year exam papers and mock test papers, this will help you to familiar with the exam pattern, enhance your time management skills, and identify your weak areas. Analyze your performance to know what improvements are needed and give more time to those questions. 
  • Sleep properly: If you are not getting proper sleep, then you cannot concentrate. Due to this it is difficult for you to follow complex concepts, analyze problems, and perform well under pressure during the exam. Hence, proper sleep is mandatory to clear the exam.

These are a few tips if you follow that can help you to one step closer to securing a rank. But at the end of the day, all these tips and tricks will only work if you make it work, you execute the plan properly, and put in all the efforts that are important to get the work done and score really good marks to score top rank in the exams.

  • How to become air 1 CA Final

Follow these Rank holder’s strategies to get rank:

On a scale 1-5 will categorize the questions level.

  • Mark 1 star to those questions, which are very simple and need only the application of formulas. These are the questions which you can skip at the time of the exam revision
  • Mark 2 star to those questions which have a medium level of difficulty (that are neither too easy nor too difficult). These are the questions which may require 1-2 adjustments. In a notebook, try to make notes related to the important adjustments which fall under this category.
  • Mark 3 star to those questions which are difficult and you cannot skip at the time of the exam days. These are the questions, which cover important concepts of the questions.
  • Benefits after getting Rank in CA Final

  • Credibility and Recognition: Securing a rank gives recognition in a CA Industry as well as the business sector. It also enhances your reputation and credibility as a skilled and knowledgeable professional.
  • Career opportunities: Getting a rank opens many doors to many career opportunities in reputed firms, Companies and organizations. 
  • High salary and rewards: Top rank holders whose rank is 1, 2, and 3 have the opportunity to command the higher salary or receive additional rewards compared to other students.
  • Networking: Getting a good rank also helps students too build a strong network in the accounting and finance industries. This network can be valuable for career growth, mentorship, and collaboration opportunities.
  • Set a benchmark: Achieving a top rank also set a benchmark for your future projects, shows your capacity to perform in difficult situations, and motivates you to keep going for excellence in your professional growth.
  • Exemptions and Fast track routes: Some professional associations and educational 
  • institutions offer exemptions or fast track routes to the rank holders allowing them to progress more quickly in their careers.
  • How Bhagya Achievers helps 

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