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How to get AIR in CA Foundation

You will need to work hard if you want to score good marks in the CA Foundation, but getting a rank in the CA Foundation is not too difficult because you covered a large portion of the content in classes 11th and 12th if you are from a commerce stream. CA Foundation exam is an entry-level exam of the Chartered Accountancy Course

Scoring rank in the CA exams is not easy, but with hard work, more practice, and concentration it is possible. It is a four-paper exam in which two are subjective and the other two are objective. 

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can crack CA exams in a few months and score a high rank.

Subject wise preparation tips

  • Paper 1. Accounting:- You should have focused on concepts clarity. Presentation is most important in accounting.

  • Paper 2. Business Laws:- It is a theoretical subject. You should learn the sections and prepare case studies of important topics.
  • Paper 3. Quantitative Aptitude:- It is an objective type paper. You should know the short tricks of calculating numbers. You should increase your speed in calculations.
  • Papaer4.Business Economics:- It is concept-based. Your concepts should be clear. 

Preparation tips to get air in  CA Foundation exam

             There are the following preparation tips to crack the CA Foundation exams:-

  1. Divide your time between two subjects:- Remember that studying  two subjects in a day is better than studying one subject. You may study one practical subject and the other one is theoretical, as this will help you cover the entire syllabus quickly.
  2. Do not refer to more than one teacher’s notes:- The best study material is provided to the students by the ICAI but most of the students are not comfortable with this study material. In this case, you can choose the best study material which is available in the market. But remember that you do not take notes from more than one teacher as this can get you confused.
  3. Don’t be overconfident:- You are aware of the fact that the CA Foundation Syllabus is similar to class 11th and 12th. But you don’t get overconfident of that fact, you will need only revision to clear the CA Foundation exam. Some new topics have been added to the CA Foundation syllabus which are difficult and you may never go through. So, you don’t waste your time on those topics which you can easily cover. Try to study those subjects which are new.
  4. Cover the entire syllabus:- If you want to get the air in CA Foundation exam, you should have to cover all the topics. When you are competing to get a good rank in an exam, each of your marks has a lot of value, so try to don’t skip any topic.
  5. Develop your calculative skills:- Calculator is one of the tools in Chartered Accounting course which helps in the exam. The use of a 12-digit calculator is allowed in the CA examinations. So, you must learn it smartly and also learn to use M+, M- buttons. These buttons can save a lot of important time in the exam.
  6. Revision in the last month:- Revision is the important part in the exams. You will be able to answer well only on those topics which you have revised before your exams. So, keep your last month only for revision. You have to complete your syllabus before the exam and revise each topic a minimum of three to four times.
  7. Prepare short notes in chart form:- You have to prepare notes in chart form and cover all the topics in those charts. This chart will help you to revise the syllabus in a single day.
  8. Improve presentation:- Presentation is the important part of the exam. In the CA exams accurate answer is not sufficient for good marks; you also need to learn how to present your answer in the best possible way. You have to present your answer by underlining the important keywords and try to write differentiate answer by making proper table format.
  9. Attempt maximum questions in objective papers:- You have to attempt more objective type questions and practice more, because in objective papers one mark will give you for one correct answer and 0.25 marks will take away for every wrong answer. This means one correct answer helps to cover your 4 wrong answers.
  10. Practice mock test papers:- We suggest you attempt the Bhagya Achievers mock test papers. You will get a feeling that you are appearing in the exam. By attempting the mock test papers, you can know your strengths and weaknesses. Don't be afraid of failing in mock test papers because failing in mock test papers is better than failing in the final examination.

CA Foundation toppers December 2022

There are the following toppers of the CA Foundation 2022:



Marks out of 400


1st rank

Bhageria Tanay



2nd rank

P Jai Aditya



3rd rank

Bandi Phanindra kumar



4th rank

Eshita Kabra



5th rank





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