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How to clear CA in First Attempt?

For CA Candidates passing the exam on their first attempt and easily getting through the papers successfully is always challenging. They are always worried about the results even after the preparation due to the increase in competition level. However, if you take the right steps at the right time it can change the way you prepare and help you to clear the exam.

Here are the top techniques to study efficiently and ace the CA exam in the first attempt.

  • Use ICAI study material:

If you want to clear the CA Exam then ICAI study material is a must. ICAI material is that which is created by the experts and also   ensures that the information is accurate and up to date, also directly aligns with the latest syllabus and exam pattern.

Also, students can join ICAI free online classes which help those students who face difficulty attending physical classes. In addition to this, they can use SARANSH notes/booklet which is published by the ICAI to help CA aspirants for their exam preparation.

  • Practice ICAI’s RTPs, MTPs and past year papers:

By practicing RTPs, MTPs and past year question papers you will get to know about the CA exam pattern. With the help of these you will know the types of questions asked, weightage distribution for different topics, and the overall difficulty level.

  • Make revision notes:

Try to make notes along with the preparation, this will help you to improve your understanding level and you will also remember it for a long time. At the time of revision during the exam time it will be helpful for you to revise the chapters.

  • Conceptual Clarity:

The CA course has covered vast amounts of information. So if you have clarity on concepts then you think critically and solve problems effectively. However, when you understand the “why” behind the concept then this will help you to remember for a long time.

  • Have patience:

CA journey is not easy for everyone. There will be a time when you feel overburdened or frustrated. Having patience helps you to remain calm, preserve through setbacks, Maintain the focus required for long term success.

How to clear CA exam?

 Student should avoid the following things to clear CA Exam:

  • Don’t just rely on theory questions:

The CA exam is designed to test not just your knowledge but how to apply it in the real world. Practice only Theory questions will not help you to tackle real world problems. So try to practice both practical and theory questions.

  • Don’t skip mock test papers

CA Mock test papers help you to know the actual exam format including question types, difficulty level and so on. With the help of mock test papers you can manage time easily at the exam papers. Also, you can know your weak areas in which you need improvement. That's why skipping mock test paper is not a good idea.

  • Don’t rely on coaching classes/you tube classes

Coaching classes give priority to cover vast amounts of material as early as possible. This leads to rote memorisation rather than deep understanding so it is better to do self-study because you can concentrate better and you can spend more time on challenging concepts.

  • Don’t skip ICAI material

The ICAI study material is specially designed to know the exam pattern and question style. By skipping it, you may miss the important details. Also, the material provides in-depth coverage of all the topics tested in the CA exams. It includes explanations, illustrations, and practice questions to boost your understanding.

  • Don’t be overconfident:

Being overconfident can make you not interested in new information and feedback. You think that you know everything already and ignore valuable information. Also, you may avoid those topics in which you find difficulty by assuming that you will ace them in the exam.

How do Bhagya achievers help you to clear CA exam in First attempt?                        

  • Bhagya achievers test series helps you to know how and where to begin your preparation in order to clear it in the first attempt.
  • Bhagya achievers test series helps you to mimic the actual exam format including the difficult level of the questions.
  • With the help of the CA test series many students achieve their goals by passing the CA exam.
  • Our test series not just help students to check their performance level also helps to make customized study plans, solve subject related problems
  • You can get guidance on how to score exemption, which books to refer to, and how to prepare for the exam by talking to the mentors under mentorship and counseling plans.
  • You can discuss your problems related to study, anxiety and so on with a mentor. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. At the time of CA preparation is it necessary to focus on theory questions?

Yes, theory questions are necessary without preparing theory questions. Students are not able to clear the CA exam. So, preparing theory questions with good understanding is necessary.

  1. How can I manage the time effectively during the time of the Exam?

Make a proper time table at the beginning of your preparation. Give time to each question on the basis of their weightage. Also, practicing mock test papers is necessary.

  1. Joining coaching classes is necessary to crack CA Exam?

No, it is not mandatory to join coaching classes. You can crack the exam by self-study with the help of study material which is provided by the ICAI.

  1. How to clear CA exam without studying?

It’s like asking how to write without a pen/pencil. No, without studying it is not possible to clear the CA Exam without studying because the level of the CA Exam is difficult and needs a deep understanding of all the concepts.


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