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Subject list and preparation tips for the CA Inter Exam

It is essential to fully understand the CA Inter syllabus, courses, and topics in order to prepare for the CA Inter Exam 2024 and perform well.There are a total 6 subjects in the course which are divided into two groups: 

Group 1 

Group 2

 Some of the subjects are practical and some of the subjects are theory. One thing is common in all these subjects, that is, 70% is descriptive type of questions and 30% is objective type of questions.

It's also important to note that there are no negative marks for MCQs, so allocating sufficient time to prepare and practice MCQs questions can be a good way to improve your score.

  • Subject list and preparation tips for the CA Inter Exam: 

Group 1

Group 2

Paper 1 Advanced accounting

Paper 4 Cost and management accounting

Paper 2 Corporate and other law

Paper 5 Auditing and Ethics

Paper 3 Taxation

Paper 6 Financial Management and Strategic management

  • Subject Wise Preparation Tips for CA Inter Exam 

  1. Paper 1:- Advanced accounting 

In CA Inter Exam Advanced Accounting considered as a most scoring subject. Most of the students covered their aggregate percentage from this paper. Practice the topics like amalgamation, absorption, buy back of shares and internal reconstruction which are covered under Company Accounts as this topic has more weightage in the exam also practice solving complex problems like intercompany transactions and holding companies. Memorize all accounting standards as they are equally important to getting marks. 

  1. Paper 2:- corporate and other law 

This paper of CA Inter syllabus is divided into two parts; one is company law and second is other laws. Corporate law is of 70 marks whereas the other laws of 30 marks. Learn sections properly because if you write wrong section number then your marks will be deducted. 

Corporate law has more weightage so, one should have strong grip on it. In theory based question you need to answer in technical language. Many students think law is boring due to theory subject but it would be easy and interesting if you focus on why instead of what. There is logic behind every law. Try to understand why provision exists.

  1. Paper 3:- Taxation 

Direct tax (DT) and Indirect tax laws (IDT) both are the parts of CA Inter Taxation. DT has a larger syllabus as compared to IDT.  So, give more Time to DT subject. Revision and practice questions are crucial when it comes to DT.
ICAI Module will be helpful in practicing IDT questions. The chapter summaries are well-written and may be used as comprehensive notes for final revision by just adding a few missing points.

It is crucial to apply clauses, regulations, and different income heads are clearly and practically. Additionally, try to memorize section number of every important provision.

  1. Paper 4:- Cost and Management Accounting 

Cost and manageme nt accounting is interesting and high scoring subject. This subject of CA Inter exam has more practical part as compared to other subjects. If you know the concept then you will solve questions easily. Understand the main concepts like cost classification, cost behavior, costing methods, marginal costing and so on. Practice questions like activity based costing, cost sheet, budgetary costing. 

  1. Paper 5:- Auditing and Ethics

This paper needs good presentation skills as well as higher level of knowledge. So students should need to add technical words which are used by ICAI in the study material. Learn the basic Accounting standards related to the Auditing. Understand the ethical Principals which are outlined in the ICAI's Code of Ethics for Chartered Accountants. Finally, the Audit of Items of Financial Statement must be finished. This is a broad topic that needs to be practiced using questions also it contains higher marks.

  1. Paper 6:- Financial Management and Strategic Management 

In this subject, Financial Management is practical based and strategic management is theory based. 

  1. Financial Management: Make sure you comprehend the time value of money concept completely because it is the basis for capital budgeting strategies such as Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and Net Present Value (NPV). Become an expert in evaluating financial statements, such as the cash flow statement, income statement, and balance sheet, to determine the solvency, profitability, and overall financial health of a business. Examine case studies in depth. 
  2. Strategic Management: This subject is very tricky and requires a lot of attention. In this you have to write answer in technical language. Practice recognizing important problems, utilizing relevant strategic frameworks, and developing thoughtful suggestions based on your findings. 
  • Tips and tricks to clear CA Inter exam 

  • Know the exam pattern and syllabus. Become familiar with the ICAI study materials thoroughly. Also recognize the importance of each topic and how marks are divided in each Section.
  • Practice question related past years paper, RTPs, MTPs in order to understand the ICAI’s presentation style.
  • Make well organized notes including key points, formulas and case studies, which will helps you to revise at the time of final exams
  • Evaluate your understanding of each subject and give more time to weak areas.
  • Practice mock test papers because CA Mock Test Series work as exams, assisting you in determining what you should and should not do during your final exams. By attempting CA Inter Test Series you will know your strength and weakness so you can work on them accordingly. CA Inter mock test series also helps you manage your time, writing speed and how you will approach various questions.

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