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Why practicing mock tests is crucial for CA students before the exam?

Mock tests are simulations of the actual exam so the paper pattern and the exam format of these mock tests are kept similar to that of the original exam. Mock tests are the best way to check a student’s potential to crack the exam. It is just like a mirror reflectingthe student’s strengths, weak points and providing a reality check. If any student analyzes his mock test performance and works on the weak portion, he or she can significantly score good marks on the exam.

Here we have gathered a few important parameters to clarify why practicing mock tests is crucial for CA students before the exam.

  • Familiarity with the exam pattern:

As mentioned earlier, mock tests are the replica of the actual exams so these help you to be familiar with the actual exam format. By attemptingthese mock tests you can get a clear idea about the exam format, question type, difficulty level, and time constraints. The more you practice mock tests, the higher your chances of clearing the exam. Besides mock tests boost your confidence and reduce stress and anxiety.

  • Time Management Skill:

Effective time management is the key to cracking CA exams. Solving more and more mock tests will help you to manage your time more accurately. Mock tests allow students to practice time management skills, helping them understand how much time to allocate to each question or section.

  • Assessing Progress:

What else can be the best tool rather than mock tests for assessing your progress?  By reviewing the results of the mock tests students get a clear picture of their strengths and weaknesses. Recognizing the weak areas early on enables students to focus their revision efforts and improve their understanding of challenging topics.Instead of giving multiple attempts, if you attempt multiple mock tests, that will help to make your journey a bit easier as a CA Aspirant.

  • Boosts Confidence:

The journey of a CA aspirant is challenging, requiring immense hard work. At some point, aspirants lose their confidence and suffer from depression. So, it is crucial to be motivated and focused during the CA preparation journey. Each successful attempts in mock tests boost students’ confidence. Confident and motivated students can focus more on their preparation and eventually pass the original exam with good marks. So, practicing mock tests is a must before appearing for any CA exam. 

  • Developing stamina: 

CA exams are lengthy. It takes a lot of mental and physical stamina to stay focused throughout the exam. Mock tests help to develop stamina which is essential to remain concentrated and perform well in the exam. Solving regular mock tests allows you to learn and enhance your performance for the exam.

  • Preparing your own strategy:

Every battle is won by a good strategy. Similarly to crack this country’s one of the toughest exams; you must develop your own strategy. Mock tests help students develop effective exam-taking strategies, such as deciding which questions to attempt first, managing difficult questions, and avoiding time traps.


Overall, practicing mock tests is an essential part of CA exam preparation. It not only assesses one's knowledge but also enhances exam-taking skills, leading to better performance and increased chances of success in the CA exams. Now the challenge is to find the best, most reliable online coaching platform which provides ICAI standard mock test series at the most affordable cost. Bhagya Achievers is a platform that offers all the test series at affordable price, yes you read it right. Our test series includes:

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