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How to get AIR in CA Inter

Many Students have a dream to get a rank in CA Inter. They want to get the best scores and a rank among the top 50 students.

This is indeed very challenging, but with hard work and belief in yourself, you can achieve it. Here we will guide you by providing some informational information that will help you to secure a rank in CA Inter.

Before starting with the main points, let us know some essential elements related to the rank status in this exam

Eligibility Criteria to get rank in CA Inter:

ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants in India) has a specific rule for ranking students who pass the Intermediate exam.

  • One attempt: you have to pass both groups that are group 1 and Group 2 in a single attempt without appearing separately.
  • No exemption: you should not have used any exemption in any of the exam papers.
  • Marks: You have to get a minimum of 55 % marks and there is no limit of maximum marks because       rank will be decided according to the cut off marks.

How many Ranks are there in CA Inter?

ICAI toppers list for each course level is released along with the CA result. The ICAI announces the names and scores of AIR 1, 2, and 3 for the CA Foundation, CA Intermediate and Final Exams. It is important to note that ICAI declares rank only for the top 50 scorers.

Tips to get rank in CA Inter Exam:

  • Make a study table: In order to get rank it is necessary to make a proper timetable in which you cover the entire CA Inter syllabus because all subjects are equally important. To clear the group, it is necessary to pass in all subjects.
  • Know the Exam pattern: Understand the marking criteria that how ICAI will give marks weightage of each subject, and type of questions for each subject. This will help in the preparation of the exam you can also devote your time on those subjects which has more weight
  • Concept clarity: Having concept clarity helps you to do better on tests. If you understand the concept clearly, then you feel more confident while applying them. Also, you can easily tackle new and unfamiliar problems due to the solid foundation of core concepts
  • Consistency is the key: Being consistent is the formula to progress. If you are consistent in your studies, then you see yourself becoming an expert in your studies and building a strong knowledge base.
  • Prepare your own notes: Making notes is very important because it helps you in revision at exam time. There are many types of notes available in the market, but it is better to make your own notes because when you  write something on your own, it will help to remember it for longer time.
  • Improve your writing skills:
    • Good presentation: In practical questions try to answer in proper presentation, and theoretical questions, it is important to write a conclusion at the end of the answer.
    • Technical Language: If you write your answer in technical language then it will increase your chances of getting more marks.
    • Write answers properly: make your answer accurate and to the point mention notes and assumptions in your exam papers. Underline or highlight the keywords which attract the attention of the evaluator. Try to avoid overwriting.
  • Practice ICAI Study Material: Many students make the mistake of depending on their coaching materials due to this they face a lot of difficulty at the time of the exam. So try to practice RTPs, MTPs, and study materials that are provided by the ICAI.
  • Mock exams under time conditions: try to give mock test papers by setting a timer so that you can feel the pressure of exam time and you will be comfortable at the time of exams.
  • Focus on weak areas: By attempting CA Test Series daily, you will know your weak areas or those areas in which you are weak. So, you can give more attention to those topics.
  • Have Patience: This course will also test your level of patience. You will always feel that you don’t remember what you learned, but it happens to everyone, including rank holders. At that time, you · have to remain patient and continue your study with full dedication.

How to become AIR 1 CA

With the help of Rank Holder’s Strategies, you will get ranked easily Divide questions:  Divide each question in the following 3 categories.

  • Easy: Mark 1 Star for those questions that are extremely easy and involve only the application of formulae. These are the questions you can skip while revising for the exam.
  • Moderate: Mark 2 star which have moderate difficulty; those are neither too easy nor too difficult. In this type of questions there are 1-2 tough adjustments. In addition to this, note down the important adjustments in these types of questions in a separate notebook.
  • Difficult: Mark 3 stars which are very difficult as well as important that you cannot skip on your exam days. These are the questions which cover important concepts in the chapters.


How to get AIR 1 in CA Inter

If you want to get AIR in CA Inter then you must avoid the following things:

  • Avoid social media: To get ranked in CA inter Exam students need to avoid social media, television, the Internet and so on to get focused on their goals.
  • Avoid YouTube classes: Students should avoid YouTube classes as they are very time-consuming and have no guarantee that the information is accurate or not.
  • Avoid negative thoughts: Students should not bring negative thoughts to their minds that they will not be able to get a rank in the exam.


In the end, hard work and smart work are equally important because smart work improves your presentation, while hard work gives you success. By following aforementioned tips, dedication and practice mock test papers you can definitely get rank in CA Inter exam.

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