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How to clear the CA Foundation exam in the First attempt?

The Majority of students have no idea how to prepare for the CA Foundation exam, as it is the first step to passing the CA Exam. Even though the foundation level is the easiest of all the three levels, it still requires preparation and planning due to the vast syllabus to clear the exam with good marks.

The real journey starts after that so passing the exam is not very difficult. If you pass the exam on the first attempt with high marks, that is like cherry on the cake.

Passing the CA Foundation Exam on the first attempt can be difficult. However, it is possible to achieve it with proper planning and hard work.

Is it hard to clear the CA Foundation exam on the first attempt?

By following the below tips, CA students can easily crack the CA Foundation exam:

  • Planning and time management: Plan your study time effectively and allocate time to each subject according to its weight and difficulty. Set a daily target to complete the syllabus before the exam.

  • Understand the syllabus and study material: The Institution of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) provides all the study material, and with the help of this student, can understand the difficulty level of the exam.
  • Focus on statistics and logical reasoning: Students who are weak in math are advised to focus on statistics and logical reasoning because CA Foundation Math might be a little difficult for them. In Quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning and statistics contain 20 and 40 marks respectively. However, mathematics contains only 40 marks, so students who are weak in math give more focus to logical reasoning and statistics to crack the CA Foundation exam.
  • Have good command on the calculator: Use your calculator as much as you can because ICAI allows them on the CA Exams. In the CA Foundation exam, usually papers are lengthy so it is very important to know how to use it. Learn the short keys, which will help you save time in the exam.
  • MCQs questions: In the CA Foundation, two subjects, Quantitative aptitude and Business economics have only objective types of questions. So, practice MCQs based questions to increase your speed and accuracy. In addition to this, these subjects also have a negative marking of 0.25 for every wrong answer.
  • Cover the entire syllabus: Do not skip any topic because all the topics are equally important. The CA Foundation exam may sometimes include questions from unexpected areas of the syllabus. By covering everything, you will be able to tackle the unexpected challenges at the exam time.
  • Prepare your notes in chart form: It is very beneficial if you prepare your notes in chart form. Charts organize information into categories and subcategories, which improves the organization and readability of your notes. With the help of this, you can easily find out the specific details without reading long paragraphs.
  • Practice mock test papers:Mock test papers allow you to practice allocating time for various types and sections, which will help you develop a time management strategy for the actual exams. Giving mock test papers familiarizes students with the exam structure, reduces anxiety, and helps you to make strategies for the actual exam day
  • Stick to ICAI study material: ICAI study material serves as a cornerstone for your CA Foundation preparation. Also, its study material ensures that it is completely consistent with the exam structure, syllabus, and weightage of the different topics. Also, the ICAI updates its study material to reflect any changes in accounting standards, regulations, and tax laws.

How do Bhagya  achievers help to clear CA Foundation exam on first attempt?

  1. By attempting the Bhagya achievers test series, students can track their progress during preparation and improve their chances of scoring well on the CA Exams.
  2. CA test series helps students to work on their weak areas by giving feedback and remarks.
  3. By attempting our chapter wise test series, Students assess their understanding and proficiency in every chapter in a methodical way, which helps CA aspirants to get ready for the CA Exam.
  4. Bhagya Achievers mock test series is compliant with the ICAI new syllabus. These tests offer thorough preparation for the updated exam format and making sure that students are prepared to succeed in their CA Exam.
  5. In the counseling and mentorship plan, students can get a customized study plan, about the books, and guidance related to the subjects.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it easy to crack the CA Foundation exam in the first attempt?

Cracking the CA Foundation exam is definitely easy but it would not be considered easy. With the focused approach, strategic preparation and the right resource you can increase your chances of success in the first attempt.

  1. How many students pass the CA Foundation exam in their first attempt?

First attempt: it is difficult to determine the exact proportion of students attempting the CA Foundation exam in the first attempt.    

Pass percentage: The percentage for the CA Foundation exam that passes the exams ranges between 20%-30%. And the pass percentage for the CA Foundation December 2023 session was 29.99%.

  1. How many hours to study for CA foundation?

If you want to pass the CA Foundation exam in the first attempt then you have to study for at least 10-15 hours.

  1. Is the CA Foundation exam lengthy?

The CA Foundation contains both objective and descriptive papers. The descriptive papers last for 3 hours and students need to write extensive answers so yes, the CA Foundation exam is lengthy.


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