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ICAI CA Intermediate and Final Exam Results November 2023 Declared

A Guide for Students to Check CA Inter and Final Result:

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has formally released the results for the November 2023 CA Intermediate and Final exams, signalling the beginning of the end for thousands of aspiring chartered accountants (CAs). This blog offers students who have been waiting for their results an in-depth guide on how to access and analyse their results.

Checking Your Result:

The procedures below can be used to view your November 2023 CA Intermediate and Final results:

  • Visit the Official ICAI Website:

Visit website at

  • Click on relevant link:

Look for the specific links labelled CA IntermediateCA Final, or CA Foundation.

  • Enter Required Details:

Enter your ICAI roll number and registration number. Input the displayed CAPTCHA code.

  • Submit and View Results:

    Click on the ‘submit’ button to view and download your CA result.

Understanding Your Result:

Once you've viewed your result, it's critical to comprehend the data that is displayed. Usually, the result card will have information like:

  • Marks Obtained:

The grades earned in every subject as well as the total will be shown.

  • Pass/Fail Status:

Your pass/fail status will be made very evident.

  • Rank (if applicable):

Your rank will be indicated on the result card if you have achieved it.

  • Qualifying Status:

Information about your eligibility to advance to the next level.

What If Candidate Forget Login Credentials?

There are typically ways to retrieve or reset the information if a candidate loses their login credentials for the official ICAI website, where they can view their results from the CA Intermediate or Final exam. Here is a broad outline of the actions that applicants can take:

  • Recovering Login Credentials:

    • Roll Number:

The roll number is typically the primary credential needed to access the CA results. On the exam admit card, candidates should have their roll number. Check your admit card or any exam-related correspondence from ICAI if you've forgotten it.

    • Email/SMS Notifications:

Results are frequently notified by SMS and email from ICAI to the registered phone number and email address. Look through your SMS and email accounts for any correspondence from ICAI that might include your login information or roll number.

  • Contact ICAI Helpline:

    • Candidates can seek help from the ICAI helpline or support services if the aforementioned measures are ineffective. ICAI helpline numbers are 0120 3054, 851, 852, 853, 854, and 835 or 0120 4953, 751, 752, 753, and 754

  • E-Sahayta: 

Alternatively, candidate can visit the ICAI website and log in with his email ID. And look for his query and find the solution to retrieve your CA Intermediate and Final result.

Celebrating Success or Dealing with Setbacks:


For those who find success in their CA November attempt 2023 results, congratulations! Congratulations on this outstanding success! Now is the time to get ready for the next level in your CA journey.


If the outcome does not meet expectations, it is important to keep in mind that challenges are a part of any difficult path. Take this as a chance to think, pinpoint areas that need work, and think about asking mentors or tutors for advice.

Seeking Support:

Having a support system is essential, regardless of how well you performed on your exams. Regardless of the outcome, share your results with mentors, friends, or family who can offer support and direction.

What is CA result 2023 Passing Criteria?

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has established passing standards for the CA Intermediate and Final exams. These standards are based on a combination of the overall aggregate marks and the minimum marks needed in each subject. In order to assess their performance and ascertain whether they have successfully qualified for the appropriate levels, candidates should be aware of these requirements.

The general requirements for passing the CA Intermediate and Final exams are listed below:

CA Intermediate / CA Final:

  • Minimum Marks in Each Subject:

A minimum of 40% must be earned by candidates in each paper.

In papers with more than one section, candidates need to receive at least 40% in each section.

  • Aggregate Marks:

A candidate must receive at least 50% of the possible points in the total of all of their papers in one try.

  • Exemption Rule:

A candidate is exempt if they receive at least 60 marks in one paper and a total of 50% in all of the group's papers in a single attempt.

Candidates should make sure they meet the overall aggregate requirement as well as the minimum marks required in each subject by carefully understanding the passing criteria. This thorough method guarantees a candidate's eligibility to proceed with the CA examination.

CA Intermediate November 2023 Result:

The result of the Chartered Accountants Intermediate Examination was declared on 09/01/2024. The details of percentage of candidates passed in the CA inter examinations are given below:



No. of Candidates Appeared

No. of Candidates Passed

% of Pass












Both Groups





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