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How to restart studies after failure in the CA exam?

 How to restart studies after failure in the CA exam?

CA aspiring students have to put on a lot of effort to clear one of the toughest exams. Many students require to appear in the exam more than once and the phase between the first and the further attempt involves perseverance and dedication. After failing an attempt, many students lose their confidence and struggle to get back on track with their preparation. If you are also among those who need some motivation and sure short tricks to keep off your CA exam preparation after a bad experience, then this blog will assist you in it.

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you to overcome failure and clear CA exams.

1.      Shift your mindset from dwelling on the past: Rather than thinking of the past, find your areas of improvement in your preparation. Avoid getting trapped in nostalgia and redirect your energy towards the future. Direct your focus solely towards today, what you should do and follow your dream. You can also practice mindfulness and meditation to vanish the impact of bad experiences of the past and start living in the present moment. Also, there are very helpful books on this concept such as Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle; the book will embark you on the importance of every ‘this’ moment. To save time, you can listen to the audio summary of the book and understand the essence of it.

2.      Disconnect from social media platforms: Take a step back from social media platforms to create a healthier and more productive environment for yourself. Social media doesn’t only consume your time but it also reduces your attention span. They also lead to distractions that have deep effects on your studies. At this point, you need to do focused study and disconnecting yourself from social media will help you do so.  It will create a conducive environment helping you steal time for revision.

3.      Organize your resources: It’s time to study more effectively than before. To improve your recall and long-term memory, create a study plan and stick to it.

Gather all necessary study resources, proactively improvements, and collect reliable information. Develop a well-structured study plan to optimize your learning process.

4.      Attend the tests: After finding out your weak areas in the particular subjects, the next step you can take is to focus on how to strengthen your command of them. Taking mock tests is one of the best ways. There are many test series available at Bhagya Achievers at a very affordable price of Rs 50. You can find test series on all topics, and all subjects, and practice in an exam-like environment. You will get key insights and feedback from experienced professionals. Quick test results will help to analyze your performance and will enable you to concentrate on weak areas to score well in your exams.

5.      Focus on amendments: Ensure you have compiled comprehensive material covering the expected amendments, as they may constitute around 30 marks of the paper. It is an inevitable step to follow. You should be open to changes while preparing for the Chartered Accountant exam. Rather than being stressed about the changes in the syllabus, you should be flexible enough to deal with the situation. If you face any issues with that, we have counsellors to help you. You can call them and discuss all the problems that are hindering your way to success. They will guide you with the right approach that you can take to solve the problem and move ahead with your preparation.

6.      ABC and Pareto Analysis: Conduct an ABC analysis for each subject, evaluating the importance and urgency of topics, and prioritize your study accordingly. Also, it is hard to complete the entire syllabus, so, we suggest following the Pareto principle; focus on doing 80% of the syllabus and giving your best to it. By doing this, you will ensure good performance from the maximum syllabus; it will also give you a direction to prepare for your CA exam. You can also reduce the complexity of your journey and create the maximum impact.

7.      Time Management with Pomodoro Technique: This technique is a time management method that is based on stretches of 25-minute focused work which are broken by breaks of five minutes. Longer breaks are taken after four consecutive work intervals and typically last for 15 to 20 minutes.

Pomodoro sessions are effective because it makes easy to get started and combat distractions. You can plan your Pomodoro sessions in advance and also, experiment with the length of your Pomodoro sessions. Most importantly, during short breaks (5 minutes) avoid using social media; breaks are to recharge your mind and body; you can either get a short walk or a refreshment. Also, rather than using the alarm option, use a dedicated mobile application or desktop extension as it would provide you insights and the history of your Pomodoro sessions for future analysis.

8.      Eat the Frog: Do the most difficult task of the day in the morning. If you would postpone it to the end of the day, you are more likely to get frustrated about it and might also get lesser results than desired. While preparing for exams like Chartered Accountant, many jobs are to be done throughout the day, so, it’s best to do the biggest task first thing in the morning and let that sense of accomplishment drive positivity in your blood. It is a productivity hack that achievers follow to promote a deep work habit.


If you learn how to take your failure as your biggest teacher, you have a positive and growth-oriented mindset. Cutting from social media platforms will help you maintain focus and save a lot of time. Test series are the foundation of a strong and successful CA exam preparation. Moreover, organizing your resources with proper attention to time management will accelerate your preparation. Doing the most difficult task earning in the morning and dividing your task into small Pomodoro sessions will ease the process.

Bhagya Achievers wish you good luck with your CA exam preparation.

We are here for you, all the time 😊.