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Chartered Accountant Salaries in India | CA Salary in India 2024

Are you dreaming of becoming a Chartered Accountant? Let's discuss about CA and CA salary

In India, becoming a chartered accountant is a highly esteemed profession that requires a thorough grasp of ethical and financial principles. It opens up diverse career possibilities in auditing, taxation, and financial management, significantly contributing to the success of organizations. A chartered accountant's position is distinguished by its prestigious status as well as the necessity of constant learning and flexibility in the ever-changing financial world. This respected profession encompasses strategic financial planning, managing risks, advising stakeholders and ensuring adherence to regulations. Chartered accountants have a vital role in assessing the financial well-being of businesses, rendering their expertise essential for sustained success and expansion over time. Given their pivotal position in financial management and the strong demand for their skills across various industries, chartered accountants in India can anticipate substantial salary hikes in 2024, further amplifying the financial rewards associated with this gratifying profession. Individuals usually obtain internships to obtain real-world experience and apply their theoretical knowledge in accounting and finance scenarios after finishing the CA foundation and CA intermediate stages. Chartered Accountants frequently receive generous compensation packages following their successful passing of the CA final exam. This is because they have undergone extensive training, are highly skilled in their field, and are in high demand.

Attempts does not define your salary

Your future salary is not determined or dictated by the number of attempts you make on professional exams. The extent of your career success and earning potential is shaped by your ability to persevere and engage in lifelong learning, and effectively apply your knowledge. When deciding on compensation and career advancement, employers place a higher value on skills, competence, and dedication than on the number of attempts. Your pay is ultimately based on how talented and skilled you are. Your earning potential in any professional endeavor is greatly influenced by the special skills you possess.

What are the different profiles for CA in India

Chartered Accountants have access to a wide range of professional profiles that span financial management to regulatory compliance in the public, private, and even international domains.

Government jobs profiles:

Chartered Accountants (CAs) in India can find a variety of professional profiles in government jobs, each with a different pay scale. Below are typical government profiles for chartered accountants (CAs) along with an indication of pay ranges.

  • Indian Audit and Accounts Service (IA&AS): Through competitive exams like the Civil Services, CAs can enlist in this service. Depending on the role, salaries can vary from RS 56,100 to RS 2,50,000 per month.

  • Indian Revenue Service (IRS): CAs can take the Civil Services Exam to become members of the IRS. The monthly salary ranges from RS 56,100 to RS 2,50,000.

  • Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG): Under the CAG, CAs can work in a variety of departments. The government pay scale, which ranges from RS 56,100 to RS 2,50,000 per month, is the basis for salary.

  • State Government Jobs: Departments of state government may hire CAs as advisors, auditors, or financial controllers. State-specific and position-specific salaries typically range from RS 50,000 to RS 2,00,000 per month.

  • Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs): PSUs' finance and accounting departments frequently hire CAs. Pay scales for various positions range from RS 60,000 to RS 2,40,000 per month.

  • Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI): CAs may be able to work for SEBI, which oversees the securities industry. The monthly salary can vary from RS 60,000 to RS 2,40,000.

  • Reserve Bank of India (RBI): Within RBI, CAs can work in a variety of capacities and earn between RS 70,000 and RS 2,20,000 a month.

It is crucial to remember that these pay estimates are approximations that may change depending on seniority, experience and particular job roles within each company. Furthermore, government salaries could change on a regular basis.

Private jobs profiles:

Here is an explanation of some common job profiles for Chartered Accountants (CAs) in the private sector along with a brief overview of each role:

  • Financial Controller:

Responsibilities: Overseeing financial activities, budgeting, and financial reporting. making certain that legal and accounting standards are followed.

Salary: Salaries can range from mid to high levels, depending on the company size and industry.

  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO):

Responsibilities: Strategic financial planning, risk management, and leadership in financial decision-making.

Salary: CFOs command one of the highest salary levels among CAs, often in the high six to seven-figure range, reflecting their strategic role.

  • Internal Auditor:

Responsibilities: Evaluating and improving internal controls, assessing risk, and ensuring compliance with policies and regulations.

Salary: Internal Auditors receive competitive salaries, often commensurate with their experience and the complexity of the organization's operations.

  • Tax Manager:

Responsibilities: Managing tax planning, compliance, and reporting. offering guidance on tax tactics to reduce obligations.

Salary: Tax Managers receive salaries based on their expertise, with variations based on the industry and the complexity of tax matters.

  • Financial Analyst:

Responsibilities: preparing reports, conducting financial data analysis, and offering insights to help with strategic decision-making.

Salary: Financial Analysts can earn competitive salaries, with variations based on the industry and the level of analysis required.

  • Management Accountant:

Responsibilities: Budgeting, cost management, and providing financial information for internal decision-making.

Salary: Management Accountants receive salaries based on their experience and the scope of their responsibilities within the organization.

Salary Range:

  • CAs in private jobs generally earn salaries ranging from Rs 6 lakh to several lakhs per annum.

  • Top executives like CFOs may earn significantly higher, often in the seven-figure range.

It's important to note that specific salary details would depend on the company's policies, market conditions, and individual negotiations.

Out of India jobs:

Chartered Accountants (CAs) venturing beyond India can pursue diverse global career paths. Roles such as International Tax Consultant, Financial Analyst for global corporations, Risk Management Consultant, and Internal Auditor in multinational firms offer opportunities with salaries contingent upon the location, industry, and individual experience. Additionally, positions like Financial Controller for international divisions and Global Compliance Officer present lucrative prospects, reflecting the intricate demands of managing finances across borders. Salary considerations hinge on factors like the cost of living, industry standards, and the specific requirements of each role, emphasizing the need for tailored research in the pursuit of international opportunities

Salary packages for Chartrand Accountant in India 2024

Salaries are not fixed. Entry-level CAs in India may earn salaries ranging from RS 6 lakh to RS 10 lakh per annum. You can start with the initial salary for a Chartered Accountant and gradually progress towards the average salary. Salary packages are intricately determined by a combination of factors including experience, job profile, and skill set, showcasing the nuanced evaluation employers undertake to fairly compensate professionals in the workforce.

Average Salary of CA in India?



Experience (4-5 years)

Lowest Total Salary

Highest Total Salary

Average Base Salary








AED 100k

AED 121k

AED 27k

AED 616k

AED 119k






£ 35.9k








AU$ 74.1k




AU$ 70.9