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How to prepare current affairs for competitive exams?

Current affairs are indeed an integral part of any competitive exam and carry significant weightage. When it comes to the syllabus, there is no defined boundary for current affairs. Every day, numerous events unfold, new laws are passed, and evolving technologies shape the world. Consequently, questions can be asked from various topics without any specific limitations.

Recent analysis shows that in exams like SSC, UPSC, and Railway exams, the number of questions from current affairs is increasing every year. To crack these exams and secure a good score in current affairs, thorough preparation is mandatory. Preparing for current affairs for competitive exams requires a systematic and consistent approach. The team of Bhagya Achievers has gathered some steps that you can follow to prepare effectively:

Select good sources:

Students use different books, magazines, and online websites to stay updated with current affairs. However, it is crucial to ensure that the sources are reliable and provide accurate information. You can follow reputable books, magazines, government websites, official news websites, and other reputable international websites for reliable content. If you encounter any confusion or difficulty in selecting the right sources, Bhagya Achievers has launched a counseling call program. Through this program, you can directly talk to a mentor who will guide you on the right path to follow for current affairs preparation.

Create a Study Schedule:

If you are preparing for any competitive exam, you must follow a study schedule. In the case of preparing for current affairs, consistency is the key. Set aside a specific time every day for current affairs preparation. Create a proper study schedule and follow it diligently every day.


Only gathering new information is not sufficient; you need to revise that information as well to reinforce your memory. For current affairs, revision is inevitable. As you absorb so much information into your brain, it is very likely that you will forget many of them. Therefore, review your notes and updates regularly. Set aside time for revision each week to ensure that you retain the information effectively.


Give Mock Tests:

To assess your improvement, mock tests are crucial. Give regular mock tests to analyze your progress. Regular mock tests will make you familiar with the exam pattern and improve your time management skills. If you are looking for the best mock test series on current affairs, look no further than Bhagya Achievers. We have crafted our mock test series following the exam patterns, which will undoubtedly help you be well-prepared for the exam. Besides, we have kept the mock test series quite affordable without compromising its quality.

Discuss with Others:

There are many online forums and Facebook groups where you can discuss current affairs with fellow aspirants. Besides, you can also discuss with your friends. The more you share information with each other, the clearer your understanding and perspectives will become.

Stay Updated:

Stay updated about recent happenings. Set aside a specific time to watch the news, scroll through social media, and try to read the newspaper daily. There are many blogs and YouTube channels that provide recent information on various topics. Make sure you have subscribed to those sources.

Previous Year's Question Papers:

Pay attention to all the previous years' question papers to understand the pattern and types of questions asked related to current affairs. This        will give you a clear idea of what to expect in the exam.

Remember, current affairs is a dynamic subject, and there are no boundaries to its scope. Therefore, the key to success is consistent and focused preparation. Taking regular mock tests will not only improve your efficiency but also provide you with a clear perspective regarding your preparation. Join Bhagya Achievers now, and our well-structured mock tests will align you with the exam pattern