Prof.JS Batra

Prof.JS Batra


About Prof.JS Batra

Prof. J.S. Batra holds a B.Sc. (Electronics), an M.Sc. (Physics), and a master’s degree in computer application.

He educates students from many professions such as CA, management, technology, and engineering.

He is well-known for his distinctive teaching methods, which set him apart from other professors. He explains each concept in the Lyman language, which makes it easier for students to learn those concepts that are difficult to understand.

He has 31 years of expertise in the teaching profession. He has taught over 2 lakh pupils, and 200 of them have received AIRs.

At Bhagya Achievers he provides the latest syllabus and courses for all CA levels. Along with it, J S Batra gives online lectures and recorded sessions for the students.

Author of 6 books for chartered students namely Information technology (Hindi version & English version) , Strategic management, Management Information & control systems, ISCA, EIS-SM available on stands all over India, published by renowned publishers like Bharat Law House Publishers (New Delhi), Tayal Institute of Professional Studies (Mumbai & Pune ) & Batra Publications.

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